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“LANA Group Int’l. W.L.L.” is fast emerging as one of a leading company in design and decoration Parquet Wood Flooring. We have started our venture in Qatar market, proficient to further enhance the interior of your houses and offices by bringing in new warm touches with natural materials.

Since 2004 we`ve participated in different Exhibitions, Forums and Conferences such as “Project of Qatar” Exhibition (2004, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2013), “Annual Concepts Middle East” (2012, 2014), “The Big 5”, International Building & Constriction Show in Dubai (2011 ) with the aim to build materials which gained an experience.

“LANA Group Int’l. W.L.L.” cooperates with manufacturing companies in all around Europe, which have extensive and impressive experience in the World market and best utilization of world-known best sorts of wood in their production.

At the customer’s request, our advisers will develop the scheme for laying parquet, draw up an estimate of costs and answer your questions related to the choice of parquet, doing the parquet work and further maintenance.

Practically any idea of the customer, no matter how sophisticated it might be, we can realize it in the parquet.

The parquet work teams use hi-tech dust free “Lagler” equipment with accompanying chemical materials and waterproof underlays manufactured in Germany and Poland, which allows obtaining the highest quality in laying the parquet pieces and art floors.

We guarantee high quality of materials and of our services!


“Lana group Int`l” offers a variety of Hardwood Flooring Services by Supply & Apply material which includes,

  • Project Planning by providing a variety of Design & Architectural Drawings
  • Site finished Hardwood floor Installation
  • Hardwood floor repair & Custom staining
  • Prefinished Hardwood floor Installation & Refinishing services
  • Skirting & Parquet Accessories Installation & Replacement
  • Hardwood floor resurfacing and rejuvenation


One of the most important stages of the parquet works is the preparation of the floors and the parquet for laying. This at first sight, invisible for the customer process can last for more than a day. At this stage the level and degree of readiness of the room are being estimated before the installation, humidity of the site 65% + 55%, temperature 24oC - 20oC, Level floor deflection in 2 r.m. not more than 2mm, all external factors in the room and its external environment are being considered and analyzed by our specialist.

Our company does not only carry-out the art parquet works, but also provides the customer with the conditions and requirements for the maintenance of the parquet with the aim of increasing its durability & life service while preserving its original look for years.


Let’s talk about wood.

Wood, as a building material, has lots of attractive advantages. It “breathes” and thanks to that the oxygen balance and optimal humidity of the air are easily maintained in the house. Wood is the best material that makes the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, providing the most comfortable environment. Wood is healthy for you and your family. One reason is, it neither causes any allergic reactions nor does any harm to the body. Wood emits Phytoncides that disinfect the air. Over the centuries the oak wood has been used for constructions, with the belief that oak makes for the shortage of thermal fiery energy needed for the human body. Normally, in the old times the walls of a wooden house used to be made of oak, the floors were oak too. This kind of wood arrangement provided the best protection of mankind against the influence of negative energy from outside and allowed to replenish one’s consumed strength & energy in the shortest possible time, as oak easily transfers its power to a man at a touch, with the work of the whole body to be balanced as well.

Oak’s power promotes the increase of one’s activity, eliminates the stagnant phenomena. Most favorably it affects the liver and the cardio-vascular system, heightens the sexual cells activity in both men & women, and makes for birth of healthy and strong children. No wonder this gave rise to a popular saying: “As strong, as an Oak!”

Each tree is believed to possess its own healing properties. The Lime is softly invigorating. The Pine promotes metabolism, purifies one’s breathing. The Birch removes the feeling of weariness and strain. In children’s rooms, it doesn’t only make for the steadiness and positive mood of your child, but also for the development of his thinking. The Ash protects from black magic forces and negative energy. Wood is pledge of strong health and long life.

We are the exclusive dealers in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) :

Belarus, Poland and Ukraine Manufactured Factories and Distributors of Wooden Parquet, Plank and Floor Care products.


  • Al Wajba Palace
  • Sh. Thani Bin Abdullah Al-Thani (Palace)
  • Sh. Nasser Bin Ali Al-Thani (Palace)
  • Sh. Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Thani (Residence)
  • Sh. Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani (Residence)
  • Sh. Jassim Bin Hamad Al-Thani (Residence)
  • Sh. Mohamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani – (Residence)
  • Sh. Ahmed Bin Ali Al-Thani (Al-Rayyan Palace)
  • Sh. Hamad Bin Mohamad Abdel Rahman Al-Thani (Office)
  • Sh. Fahad Bin Jassim Abdul Rahman Al-Thani (Office)
  • Mr. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah (Office)
  • Mr. Fahad Al-Kawari (Villa)
  • “Paris Gallery”, Royal Plaza
  • “Oriental Museum”
  • Qatar Petroleum
  • Turkish Embassy (Office)
  • GazProm Company (Office)
  • Private Engineering Office, Souq Waqif (Hotels)
  • Intercontinental Hotel Complex
  • Hamad International Airport (Terminal Complex)
  • Al Bidda Hotel in Souq Waqif (PEO Office)

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